When I was a little girl I fell in love with all things Disney. My first love was The Little Mermaid and the Beauty and the Beast. As I became older I secretly fell in love with Alice and Wonderland. Hence the blog name. It provides a perspective on life that not many really pick up on but for those who do, you can appreciate so many more things around you for what they really are, instead of being stuck inside your adult head all the time.

That being said, I am the oldest of three. You would think that because of that fact that I would have the biggest stick up my ass, have all my shit together and always tell my brother and sister what to do. But I am a dork. Dork probably isn’t the right word but all the other words I would call myself are not polite, so let’s move on. As for my brother and sister, I only tell them what to do when they ask me or when it comes to my kids… or when they are being a downright dumbass, and they REALLY need some help. But, I have a pretty awesome brother and sister and I am a firm believer in letting them figure out life on their own. Besides, we have the best parents to push us when we need it and support us when we are weak… So, c’est la vie.

I think that this “I don’t give a shit, goofball” attitude has worked for me. It has made me strong in all the times a girl growing into a woman needs to be strong, and has provided comedy when I needed to be softer. One thing that I have always had was a desire to find my own happiness on my own terms. At a young age, I did in fact find it, cooking. And at the young age of 18, I enrolled in culinary school. Fast forward a million years later, a degree in applied science- culinary arts,  a beautiful daughter, many relationships and a husband who is also a chef, I thought I had it all figured out….

Life always has a different plan, or rather the plan that you considered at the beginning but took the left fork in the road instead of the right. I hurt my arm, and no longer can cook professionally, so I gave birth to my full of life son. I also decided that I was going to see what was down the right road after all… What’s the right road? Interior design. Do I ever wish that I had chosen that road instead? Nope. Because I wouldn’t have all three of my favorite things: Anthony, my husband, Felicity, and Liam. Those things are worth everything and more. Besides, I just have more jokes to tell now…

So, one day a friend of mine, who has a great blog, The Sister Files, asked if anyone wanted to blog with her. I thought to myself, why not. So after doing that with her for some time I decided that I wanted to do this on my own and here I am. It was a great opportunity to blog with someone else, to learn how to do things for a bit and to discover that I really enjoy it. So, I hope you like what I have to say, because its all me.





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