Obsessions: Target

Everybody has their favorite store. You know, the one place you can go and spend at least an hour in no problem and wonder where the time went? Well, my special place is Target. I love that store. It has everything in there. There is always something to look at, something to see, and something to buy. This is why it is my latest obsession.

Now, when I say latest obsession, I don’t mean newest, I just mean that this is the newest one that I am sharing. My love for Target goes way back. I have been shopping here since I was a kid and has only grown since becoming an adult. As I have gotten older I have only gotten more space to fill and Target has always been there to help me do so. From the moment I walk in I am happy to be there and am ready to explore. But I do have a ritual…

First, I always go to get myself a popcorn combo, if I’m feeling up to it I upgrade to an Icee and its always blue raspberry. Then, I go where my list dictates and then wander through the isles till something sparks my interest. Since having kids I always hit the toy isle and look for their favorite items, Shopkins and The Good Dinosaur currently, and the book section. From there I go look at the bedding (obviously feeding into my previous obsession), home décor, pillows, bath, purses, clothing, make up, and seasonal stuff.

So why Target? Why spend so much time there? Why be obsessed with a STORE? I like target because I can go there with or without the kids and get what I need. At a reasonable price and it doesn’t fall apart on me. They also have EVERYTHING. I mean everything. Everyone that works there, or at least the ones that I go to are nice and helpful. I also like that they have the snacks for the kids and myself, being that I tend to not eat sometimes when my blood sugar crashes I can get food and keep going. They also have Starbucks in them, so if I go in the morning, I can get a coffee, which is really nice. Why spend so much time there? Well, I never really INTEND to spend so much time in there, I go there sometimes for just 1-2 things but get lost at looking at everything that they have or if I take my kids with me they want to look at things too. Same if my husband is with me, we ALL want to look. The next thing you know hours have passed and we are like, “Shit, we have to go”… Why be obsessed, well I think my previous answers covered this but it is simple, when you find something that works and you love it you keep getting it, right? You find the right bra you get more. You find a good shoe, you get them again. I found that this store works for me and my family and I appreciate that fact, so I keep going to it. I don’t try and go to other places (unless, God forbid they don’t have what I need) and hope they have what I want. I just go there. I just make sure I have enough time to BE there when I go, LOL.

I’m sure there are a few of you out there who can agree with me on this one. Target is awesome. I am rarely disappointed when I go there, and there is always online ordering if I REALLY want something that the store is out of stock of. I hope you enjoyed this little indulgence of mine for my love for Target. I really do enjoy shopping there. It’s the little things in life, ya know? Until next time, have a very merry un-birthday to you!


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