Cleaning out Your Crap…

So it’s about time that everyone is getting their W-2’s. Which means that is gonna be time for people to start thinking about buying some new stuff, and that’s when everything goes back on sale again. Oh. My. Lanta. So many things to look at and purchase. The stores really do give good deals too. But before you go to the store, may I make a suggestion? Clean out your crap. I know, I know. Ugh… CLEANING. Nobody wants to clean out their crap. There is so much of it or you THINK there is too much of it that the thought of it is too overwhelming that you run away in a hurry like the Wienerschnitzel hot dog… You know what I mean. Well, this isn’t a how to blog today, this is more of a plan of action/words of encouragement blog. We all have our systems that work best for us and who am I to tell you HOW to do things (besides cooking food, I guess)? So here we go, this is what I suggest.

We all like new stuff. I like new stuff. It’s pretty. It’s cool. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something when it is sitting in my house and I have earned it all year. But, I gotta say, where the fuck are you supposed to put the new thing if you don’t want to get rid of all your old stuff? I mean if you get a new 70” LED TV, WHERE IS IT GONNA GO??? Gotta make room, people. Just gotta. So, what I do is put the new TV, for example, in the living room and the old TV in your bed room. If you have kids they get your old TV and if they had a TV in their room then sell that one, unless it’s too old then donate it because you can write it off next year in your taxes. It all comes back.

For a more general cleaning this is my suggestion. Start with clearing the closets. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing at all last year, ditch it. Shoes too. If the shoes have a thick layer of dust, then you should be rid of them. For sheets, make sure you have sets, if there are random flats or fitted sheets, get rid of those. Then asses how old the rest are. If they aren’t as soft as you like or if you have had them since you were a youngin, ditch it. Towels, I try to pick a color scheme. If it doesn’t fit, then I get rid of them. I also get rid of ones that have sags, tears, holes or stains. You don’t want people using your towels and wondering, “What the hell is that”? Do you? I think not.

For some people this is all that they have to do and they feel so much better. Even if you choose to stop here for cleaning your stuff out, it’s better than nothing and donating all of it is great because you are helping someone in need. As a side note I like to donate to The Salvation Army, they do the most good by making sure $0.82 of every dollar they make from what they sell from the donations received goes to their rehab centers, missions, food distributions and disaster relief programs. They also are a non-profit organization. Anyway, if you feel like you can continue on with the cleaning the next thing that I like to purge is all my old receipts, bills and papers I have collected though the year.

So here’s what I do to clear all that out. I make a file for all the stuff that I have to keep for tax purposes. I make an additional file for keepsakes, medical stuff, I keep the past 5 years of my taxes (just in case you get audited. You never know), a file for the house stuff (i.e.: repairs, warranties, etc.), and lastly a file with all my socials and birth certificates/immunizations. Then you put that some place safe where you can get to it in an emergency. See, all of this is easy, it just takes a minute to go through what you have and put it into the organized places. There is time to do this. You can break your house up into sections, but if you want to go all balls to the wall and do it in a day, it can be done. I do it all the time and I have a four bedroom house with two kids. Its fine, you can do this!

The last obstacle that people usually have to concur is the garage or all the crap that we have in boxes. They are a beast in and of themselves and only you the collector, truly know what is inside them. I can assume that there are Christmas decorations, as well as Halloween decorations, but past that is all you… For me I had a box dedicated to documents that need to be shredded, a few boxes of mix matched sheets, a box of memories, a box of crap, and my major game of Christmas décor. So I got rid of everything except the box of memories and the Christmas stuff, but I did re-organize it into a more manageable and more findable tower of awesome.

Well, that is it for me. I purged my house of demons. My oompa loompas. They come back throughout the year but I do my best to keep on top of purging as often as I can. I feel better when I know there is less of a mess all the time. The more that you try to keep on top of purging, I’m sure you will feel the same. I hope my tips have helped. Now that you have room, GO SHOPPING!!! Ha-ha, ok let’s not go too crazy, you didn’t make THAT much room. But, purging was the point of making room, soooo…. Have a very merry un-birthday to you!

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