So one day I was sitting down, trying to come up with more blog topics, I didn’t want to run out of things to say, and I was thinking, “What do I want to talk about?” “What would I want to read?” then it hit me, it wasn’t so much about those two questions but what conversations would I have with my friends? What would I talk about with my family? With that frame of mind I got more and more ideas and one of my ideas was to start a section about things that I am obsessed with. It could be a product, a specific item, a food, tool, something I have a lot of, things like that. Just a sections dedicated to my favorite things in an effort to share more about myself with all of you. I think it will be fun and funny at times. So, with that here is my first obsession…. Bedding!

I love bedding. Like a lot. When anyone asks me what I want for my birthday, Christmas or for a present I always say bedding. I cannot have enough. I do not know why, I just do. I love having options. I love having different color choices. During the year I change my comforter a minimum of four times, one for each season. But then I have Christmas sheets that I use during the winter, so maybe that’s 5, because Christmas is its own life in and of itself! But that is another post… Moving on, Sheets! I have two sets for every comforter. A cotton one that is super soft and a flannel one for when it is colder. Each set has at least two throw pillows and a throw blanket as well. It all has to match, color coordination is the key people! It also all has to be soft and comfy.

So why all the sheets and bedding? Why all the pillows and blankets? Well, I don’t know WHY I have so many, it’s a compulsive thing, I guess. I love it and I just gotta have it. BUT, I can tell you the reason why I like bedding so much, it is because my bed is the place I go at the end of a long day, when I don’t feel well, for a nap, to dream, to be with my husband, to cuddle, to relax, and to just be. So when I buy my bedding, I am investing in all of that. I am investing in me. I want to have a nice, beautiful, comfy bed that is inviting because I spent the time finding the right pillows, sheets and blankets. I know for some it may be silly but we DO spend 1/3 of our life on our beds, why not have the best time on it? Yes, you might not use all the pillows, or all the blankets but for me, it’s an invitation to comfort and relaxation.

So that’s why I’m obsessed with bedding. I love it. I’m always and forever will be on the hunt for a good set, a good sale. If you see one, let me know! Until next time, have a very merry un-birthday to you!

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