Anti-Resolution Year

Happy 2016 everyone! We made it out of the 2015 alive despite all the craziness in the world. A blessing we all should not take for granted. That being said with the New Year comes a time for promise of new commitments. A new diet, new wardrobe, a new makeover, cleaning out your house, maybe even a no new relationships rule or a promise for a better communication with your spouse. All great things to work toward but why do we only want to make a change for the better during the New Year? I myself used to partake in New Year’s resolutions until I realized its flaw… wanting to better yourself should NOT be something that you do at the beginning of the year and give up because you get too busy, it should be something that you do all the time as the issue arises and not when it is convenient. So, this year I propose this to you my friends, let’s have and anti-resolution year, and just be better for ourselves! Let’s just be happy, be better and enjoy what life we have in front of us.

Ok, let me begin again with this. I am a person who thrives on schedules and lists. Some might say it’s because I am a Virgo, and some might just say it’s because I’m stubborn and have to have everything a certain way which makes me a pain in the ass. I say, don’t hate because I have my shit together…J Anyway, I am the most organized person I’m my group of people I know and I am serious about sticking to my schedules. My kids and husbands lives may be a never ending madness but I somehow am able to make sense of it all and figure our days out. I live and die by it. My health and happiness, however, is something that I have to make time for. Schedules be damned. Which I guess is my point. Being lazy is never an excuse for anyone to bail on something. Ever. Its lame and you should be ashamed of yourself for being lazy about something because you know what? You are just putting off your happiness. You don’t want to work out? Well if you don’t then you are just putting off how good you are going to feel when you lose the weight to be able to wear that sexy little something. You don’t start that diet? Then you keep eating food that makes you tired and bloated or god forbid ill. Then you have someone like me, schedule driven, if I say (which I have) oh, I don’t have time because… then I don’t get done what I want for myself. And the food eating this is a big deal for me. I HAVE to eat and I HAVE to eat well. I’m type 2 diabetic. If I don’t eat well I’ll loose fingers and toes people. It’s serious.

Resolutions are supposed to be about taking better care of yourself, right? Well, how about every day we make the choice to be better for ourselves not just because of some stupid resolution but because every day that we take better care of ourselves, love ourselves a little more, the happier we become. Resolutions sometimes feel like a punishment and that’s why people always give up on them. So don’t punish yourself. Make yourself happy. When we are happy we love others more too. So, that’s my anti-resolution. I don’t promise to lose 10 pounds, to get rid of all my crap, to be nicer to people, to go to the gym more, to try a diet, or to get more sleep. I make those promises to myself every day. Every day I make them is another day that I chose to be better and it’s not going to happen just because it’s a new year. It’s going to happen because I want it to. Almost every day. Because hey, I might not want to go to the gym, but stay home in my PJs, eat a double double, a cookie, and NOT feel bad about it! I’ll feel great! Because that day that’s what I needed. And that’s okay. We are human. With that, have a very merry un-birthday to you!

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